General Information & Procedures

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Absence From School

Prior Knowledge

Parents / guardians should contact the Assistant to the Principal Student Welfare Administration to negotiate a planned absence from College. In seeking students’ absence from the College  parents should be aware:

  • there are minimum time requirements for senior subjects
  • that it is not acceptable to be absent to allow for an early start to holidays
  • of assessment guidelines.

Late Arrival / Early Departure
Should a student arrive late to the College at any time during the day, he/she is to scan their ID card at the terminals at Reception, and take the printed note from the terminal to his/her class teacher for that lesson.

If the student is late because of an appointment with the Counsellor or Administration, the student must present an appointment slip to the next teacher.

Should a student wish to leave the College during normal attendance times for medical or other reasons he/she must obtain a permission slip from their first class teacher in exchange for a note of explanation from his/her parent/guardian. The student must scan their ID card on departure from the College and present their parent/guardian note and their terminal slip to the front Receptionist before they leave the College grounds.

Absentee Procedure
If a student is absent on any day, it is requested that one of the parents or the guardian phone or text to the College before 10.00 a.m. indicating the reason for the absence. The student is also required to bring a signed, dated note to his/her home room teacher on the next occasion he/she attends school.

The mobile number for absentees is 0416 906 288.


There are a number of lockers available for student use. Students pay $15 to the Finance office for the locker hire which is non refundable. The office will provide the student with a padlock and a code exclusive to their padlock and a corresponding locker number which must be lodged with Library and the Finance Office. Locker numbers and codes if forgotten can be obtained from the Library or the Finance Office. Manual Arts student who have clothes for their class MUST purchase a locker in the Manual Arts area.

Lock instructions: pdfLock_Instructions.pdf156.24 KB


The use or possession of alcohol by students, even if aged 18 or over, on any occasion when they can be reasonably deemed to be participating in college activities (e.g. when in uniform, travelling to and from school, at school related functions etc.) is strictly prohibited, as is attendance at any college-related activity while affected by alcohol. Students failing to observe this prohibition may be suspended or excluded from the College.


Smoking or possession of tobacco at any college-related function is not permitted.


The use or possession of non-prescribed drugs, the possession of implements to use drugs, encouragement of others to use drugs, and boasting of drug use are strictly prohibited. Students failing to observe these prohibitions are likely to be suspended or excluded from the College.


Gum is not permitted on college property.


For failure to comply with school regulations, students may be placed on a detention which is usually after school between 3.00 p.m. and 4.00 p.m on a Wednesday or on Saturday morning. Parents will be informed in writing of the circumstances in the student diary and requirements of the detention.


Concerns about the manner in which the College conducts its responsibilities can be addressed in the following procedure:

  • communicate directly with the staff member immediately involved
  • communicate with the relevant coordinator or member of the leadership team of the college
  • communicate with the principal

If the matter is not resolved a formal written contract with the Principal could be initiated. Further resolution could be sought with the supervisor of Mackay schools at the Rockhampton Diocesan Catholic Education Office (Phone 4931 3600)


There is a telephone available for student use at lunch breaks or out of school hours. The cost of all telephone calls is 50 cents.

Student organiser

Students are supplied with a St. Patrick's College student diary. Students are not to use other homework diaries. Parents request that they check their student's diary periodically for appropriate information.

Safe use of aerosols

Some members of the St Patrick's College community suffer severe allergies to aerosol sprays or perfumes. We ask staff and students to limit the use of aerosol sprays around the College, especially in confined or small areas like the undercroft area. We thank you for your assistance with this matter.

Sick Students / Room

Students who are ill may go to the sick room with the permission of the teaching staff and the knowledge of the office staff. If warranted, office staff will contact the student’s parents. Students are not to contact parents independently and are not to leave the College grounds without receiving permission from the relevant Year Coordinator or the Assistant to the Principal Welfare Administration, through Reception.

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