Interviews & Reports

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Background:  It is important to note that ATAR Unit structures and time-frames no longer coincide with established term and semester structures and school holidays. Terms are normally 10 weeks in duration while ATAR Unit structures last for 15 weeks.  Consequently, the traditional 'end-of-Term' reports fall away and are replaced by one progress report and two full reports.

The timing of these reports are as follows:

Year 11 students receive a Progress or Interim Report in the sixth week of Unit 1 (mid-March).  This is based on classroom observations and informal evaluation.

Following on from above, individual subject results are progressively released through the portals of Parent Lounge and Student Café during the course of Unit 1. (Unit 1 is 15 school weeks in duration and terminates in mid-May). Owing to the fact that there are limited opportunities for subject changes in ATAR courses, and the end of Unit 1 is one such juncture, the progressive release of subject results allows parents and students to make considered, evidence-based judgements on the suitability of continuing with current subject choices.

Two full reports are generated for Year 11 students. Between the production of these two reports, individual subject results will be released through the abovementioned portals.  The first is at the end of June and the second is shortly after the termination of Unit 2 which coincides with the beginning of Term 4 or early October.

Year 11 students begin engaging in content and assessment of Unit 3 in Term 4, when academically, they transition into Year 12.

The first full report to be issued for Year 12 students is released in early May.  Prior to this students will have been informed of their subject results through progressive reporting portals. The second full report is issued in late August.

It is important to note that all results released to students and parents for Unit 3 and 4 through College reporting structures are provisional until such time as they are confirmed by the Queensland Curriculum & Assessment Authority.


Parents have the opportunity twice a year for a scheduled interview with teaching staff. The College utilises an online booking facility that allows parents to book the time of their interview.  Students are strongly encouraged to accompany parents to the interview.

Following reports, the pastoral care team members speak to students individually about their reports. They endeavour to interview all students who either appear to be encountering difficulty or whose attitude, effort or behaviour is not satisfactory.

Interviews concerning student progress are by no means restricted to the scheduled parent/teacher nights. Parents are encouraged to contact the college and arrangements can be easily made for personal interviews or telephone contacts.