Year 11 Subject Change Information

Year 11 students are reminded that subject changes may only occur at the completion of Unit One or Unit Two. Once students have commenced Unit Three, they are not permitted to change subjects because of QCAA guidelines. This means that Year 11 students have two opportunities this year to change subjects. These are in the two weeks immediately after May 25 and again after October 5. Year 12 students are NOT permitted to change subjects.

If students wish to change subjects at the end Unit One, they should take note of the following procedures:

  • All students must complete an application to change subject form. These are available from College Reception.
  • Application forms must be signed by parents and by the Subject Co-ordinators of both the discontinued and new subjects.
  • Students should not pick subjects based on lines. Instead they should refer to the subject guides and select a subject they wish to study. Line changes regularly occur when subject change forms are submitted due to current class sizes.
  • You will not be contacted if the subject change was approved. You will only be contacted if the change cannot be approved.
  • Forms are available now, but changes will not occur until after May 25. Students should check Student Café regularly after this date as approved changes will appear on your timetable.
  • Students who need additional career guidance are encouraged to make an appointment with the college counsellor Ms Danika Hurley.

Students and parents are encouraged to contact the College reception if they have any questions regarding the change of subject process.

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