Partnership Agreement

St. Patrick’s Student Investment   

I shall show respect for all in the St Patrick’s College community, Image00012treating them with

  • understanding
  • compassion
  • Courtesy

I shall be open to and contribute positively towards the college’s religious ethos participating to the best of my ability in the religious education program.

I shall do all that is necessary to succeed to the best of my ability in my studies

  • doing all work required
  • being punctual for class
  • attending classes regularly
  • being prepared for class
  • participating in class so that the learning of others is promoted not inhibited.

I shall actively pursue my goals of personal growth while being conscious of the rights of others in pursuing their goals growing in self control and self discipline developing my potential by appropriate involvement in the college’s co-curricular activities.

I shall have input into college policies and procedures.

I can disagree but without being disagreeable and ultimately respect the authority of school personnel.

I shall contribute towards the welfare and standing of college members and the college itself by

  • respecting others’ person, property and reputation
  • respecting civil law and college regulations
  • positive presentation and behaviour  partnership agreement


NewsandeventsSt Patrick’s Community Investment

We shall actively encourage relationships based on

  • Respect
  • Understanding
  • Compassion
  • Courtesy

and seek to change situations where these qualities are not being demonstrated.

We shall strive to ensure that the college’s policies, procedures, structures and relationships reflect the values of Jesus.

We shall provide opportunities for students to grow in faith and to demonstrate their faith.

We shall provide stimulating, positive, well ordered learning environments.

We shall deal with students in ways that promote adult decision making.

Within the limits of resources we shall provide opportunities for co-curricular involvement, encouragement to participate, and acknowledgement of involvement.

We shall consult with students in the formulation of policies and procedures, actively listening to student concerns.

We shall provide a safe, healthy, well ordered environment.