Spiritual Life


While at St Patrick’s College, students will be challenged to grow in their relationship with God, so that they make, or are working towards making an adult choice in the area of their beliefs and values.

St Patrick’s accomplishes this on three levels:

  • Education in religion
  • Faith development
  • Celebration, prayer and liturgy

Education in Religion

All students study a religion subject which has the same status and importance as other subjects within the college. The religion lesson will ideally provide an opportunity for prayer and reflection and be part of a well planned and prepared sequential program. There will be consequent study and assignment requirements.

Students have a choice to study either:

  • Religion & Ethics or
  • Study of Religion or
  • Compass.

Both subjects are approved by the Queensland Schools Authority (QSA) and results from both subjects will appear on students’ senior certificates. Results from Study of Religion will contribute towards students’ ATAR result. Results from Religion & Ethics and Compass do not contribute towards tertiary entrance. 

Faith Development Celebration, Prayer and Liturgy

Because “faith is caught rather than taught”, St Patrick’s looks to the example of committed adults to provide for students models of faith in action. This example is reinforced by the experience of relationships that are characterised by respect and reconciliation and structures that emphasise justice and individual dignity. It is the aim of St Patrick’s to establish an atmosphere that continually recognises and appreciates the values of respect and justice. Thus students come to see Christian faith as a natural and integral part of life.

Students are also given formal opportunities to share and develop their faith. These opportunities occur as part of some religion lessons and also on camps and retreats. Some of these camps and retreats are compulsory. Students should understand that enrolment at the College presumes a commitment to compulsory retreats.

Above all St Patrick’s is conscious that parents have the prime responsibility for the faith development of their children and that the college acts as the agent of the home.