Our Motto


Seek Christ 

The College motto “Seek Christ” underlines the Christian nature of the College. Students and staff are challenged by the motto:

 To form a personal relationship with Jesus Christ;
 To make the College a community characterised by trust in God;
 To strive to imitate Christ by living according to values of respect and concern for others;
 To respond to Christ’s challenge to ‘live life to the full’ by striving for                                     excellence in all areas of their involvement at the College.


Statement of Special Religious Character


St Patrick’s Senior College holds as its central character the motto ‘Seek Christ’. This aspect informs and shapes every element of our spiritual, academic, cultural, sporting and vocational life. We are a Catholic community of educators working in partnership with a variety of stakeholders to provide excellence in Senior Schooling.

While being a Senior College is part of our recent history, we draw on many years of Catholic education dating from 1929, for both males and females, primary and secondary, on this site. The College is open to all who seek its values and encourages all to be part of and involved in the spirit and practice of a Catholic community of the 21st century.

To define our College as a unique entity in the current educational environment, the College seeks to be clear in presenting and describing the religious character and ethos of the College as both providing excellence but also expecting excellence in all aspects of the students’ life – in study, effort, attire, grooming, manner, attendance and attitude.

 We foster Partnerships within the College fraternity by recognizing the importance of, and forging relationships with, the parents, the staff, the parish and the local community.

 We promote Learning for life to the students so that they can achieve to the maximum level of their individual ability in a variety of areas.                                                       

 We foster Self Development of our students to become young adults who are accepted and respected members of the Catholic and wider community in which they live and work.                                                                                                                           
 We encourage the acceptance of Gospel Values of faith and respect plus a Catholic ethos to take with them as a guide on their journey of life.                                            

 We bear witness to the memory, the elements, the caring and the teachings of the Christian Brothers and Edmund Rice their founder, from whom the unique Spirituality of the College has evolved and become the special religious character of the school as it exists today in association with the Sisters of Mercy, inspired by their founder Catherine McAuley, who gave many years of dedicated teaching on this site.                                   

St Patrick’s Senior College charter is to educate its students for life, not just for two senior years.

“Ask and it will be given to you;
Seek and you will find;
Knock and the door will be opened to you.”