Cultural Life

There is a rich array of cultural activities conductedImage00018 within the College. Many students exhibit talent in public speaking, drama, music and the visual arts. The College provides students with avenues to further their creative skills, and encourages participation in cultural activities both in the College and the wider community.

The College participates in interschool debating and encourages student entries in competitions such as Youth of the Year, Youth Speaks for Australia, Rostrum Public Speaking etc. The College has established an enviable record in the areas of dramatic performance, debating and public speaking.

The College is committed to providing opportunities for students to develop their musical talents and to provide opportunities for performance. Tuition is available through the College in brass, woodwind and percussion. Students have the opportunity to play in the stage band and concert bands. These bands comprise students from St Patrick’s and Mercy Colleges. The St Patrick’s chorale has attained a high reputation in the community and the handbell ensemble is a unique and challenging musical experience for students.

The College also hosts a cultural dinner and cultural soiree to showcase and acknowledge students’ talents and achievements. The lunchtime comedy theatre is one of the year’s attractions as is participation in the Mackay Festival of the Arts. St Patrick’s musical production glows with energy and talent.


Commitees Camps and Retreats

Committees currently operating within the college are Cultural, Christian Leadership, Publicity and Community Service.

Students working through these committees make a very positive contribution to College life. Planning, organizing and conducting of activities are in the hands of the students, with direction and assistance coming from staff. Within the College, various camps and retreat experiences will be offered. Year 11 students attend orientation activities during Term 1, and a leadership development course is held near the end of the year. These are an integral part of college life and are therefore compulsory. There are optional retreats open to all students at various times throughout the year.


Social Other

One of the roles of the student leaders is to help organise social opportunities. Year 12 students can participate in a senior formal and the interschool mocktail event. Year 11 celebrate at a semi-formal. Opportunities for participation in the following activities also exist at the College: involvement with St Vincent de Paul Society, visits to RSPCA and fundraising for Cancer in various ways.