Information regarding Parent Lounge Access

Parent Lounge

Reports for both Year 11 and 12 students will not be published until Monday June 21. In the interim, parents may view results and comments for each assessment piece through Parent Lounge.

These can be found by logging onto Parent Lounge and selecting:

from the top menu Student details → Curricular Activities 

or from the side menu Curricular Activities Due →view all activities or activities due.  

Access to Parent Lounge is required to view student reports and to make appointments for parent teacher interviews. Parent ID numbers are also listed on your college fee invoices and you are able to reset your password yourself, as long as the College has your current email address on record.

Parent teacher interviews will be held in St Patrick’s Hall on Thursday May 13 and you are able to book these through Parent Lounge. Bookings open at 8:30am, Thursday April 29 and can be made up until 12:30pm on Wednesday May 12. Correspondence regarding reports and Parent Teacher interviews, will be issued

to all parents today.