Exam block and Industry Placement

Exam block and Industry Placement Term 1

During the Year 12 exam block period (29 March – 1 April), students are required to attend only when they have exams. Industry placement for Year 12 students commences on Monday 19 April and will run for one week finishing on Friday 23 April.

Students are also reminded that some assignments are coming due shortly. Students should have their study plan well organised and be increasing the amount of work they are doing as they move into significant revision for their first exams. Now is the time to seek help from teachers if concerned. Students are also reminded of the benefits of attending Saturday School. Many staff members are offering extra tutorials to support students. Students are asked to check with teachers for the details. This time can be used for assessments, study or get help from the supervising teacher. Thank you to the staff who volunteer to supervise and assist the students on Saturdays.