Interviews & Reports

IMG 2914Reports are sent home three times a year:

End of term 1

This is a report of the work of term 1. It is not meant to be comprehensive but to act as an early warning or as a reassurance and thus encourage parents to attend the parent/teacher interview evening.

 End of term 2 and term 4

These are comprehensive reports on students’ progress through their entire course. The reports will contain an overall level of achievement and comments on students’ attitude, behaviour, work habits etc.


Parents have the opportunity following term 1 and term 2 reports for a scheduled interview with teaching staff. Forms that allow parents to request interviews accompany reports home. Parents will be notified of the appointment time. Students are strongly encouraged to accompany parents to the interview.

Following reports in terms 1 and 2, home room teachers will speak to students individually about their report. The year coordinator will interview all students who either appear to be encountering difficulty or whose attitude, effort or behaviour is not satisfactory or whose progress or effort deserve particular commendation

Interviews concerning student progress are by no means restricted to the scheduled parent/teacher nights. Parents are encouraged to contact the college and arrangements can be easily made for personal interviews or telephone contacts.