The QCS Test - Important information

The QCS Test

Students throughout Queensland will sit for the QCS test on Tuesday 3 and Wednesday 4 September 2019. The QCS test serves two purposes. It is used in the calculation of students’ OPs – the group result for each subject being the most significant. As well as that, students who sit for the QCS test receive a grade A to E for the result of the test. This result appears on their Senior Certificate from the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority. Please be aware that some employers ask to see a student’s result on the QCS test regardless of whether they are OP or not. Last week, a letter was sent out whereby the parents of students who are doing a non-OP course were asked to indicate whether their son or daughter wishes to sit the QCS test. The test is not compulsory for non-OP students, but they are welcome to sit it should they wish.

 Parents need to be aware that if a student is otherwise eligible for an OP, not sitting for the test means they cannot be awarded an OP. Also, if a non-OP student changes their career options and wishes to enter university after school, the QCS test can allow them to apply to QTAC and enter university using the results in their non-OP subjects, plus their QCS test result. If a student elects to not sit the QCS test they will be placed in a Prepare for Work group. This means they MUST attend all activities during Thursday’s set lesson and special training days in the Prepare for Work group – they cannot be absent on these days. Please take this decision seriously. If you require any more information, please do not hesitate to contact the College.

 Special Provision

The QCAA also makes allowance, in the interests of justice and equity, for students with impairments to receive special provisions. Schools approve special provision for school-based assessment. Special provision for the QCS Test however, is approved by the QCAA. Two types of special provision are available before the QCS Test: special arrangements and exemption. Special arrangements are practical adjustments to the test conditions, e.g. rest breaks, use of word-processing software, extra time etc. Exemption allows a student to be absent from the test and retain their eligibility for an OP. The application process can be through the school or to the QCAA directly. The former is the usual route as the school submits an application on behalf of the student. Alternatively, a student may submit an application directly if they have a reason for not submitting their application through their school. Application categories include those diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, ASD, diabetes, English as an additional language, hearing impairment, illegible handwriting, various illnesses, neurological impairments and disorders, physical injuries and impairments, specific learning disorders, vision impairment etc. For students who have long-term impairments, applications close on 21 May 2019.

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