Curriculum News for 2019

The Shape of Things to Come (Part 2)

We are in the midst of preparing subject selection books for 2019. As consequence of the new QCE system that begins next year, they have been comprehensively revised to reflect the altered requirements. As mentioned in a previous newsletter, the curriculum changes will not have any effect on our current cohort of students. While most would know that this year’s Year 10s will not have to face a QCS Test, future students and their parents, many of whom are current parents, will need to familiarise themselves with a somewhat bewildering array of new terms. As with so many things, knowledge of the specialist language – the nomenclature - that is associated with the new system will facilitate communication.   While in some limited instances it is a case of ‘old wine in new bottles’, it would be a mistake to believe that the many name changes do not conceal very substantial differences, both in terms of the names accorded to subjects or with regard to system changes.


Current Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) system

New QCE system starting with Year 11 students in 2019

These subjects and programs count towards the QCE:

– Authority subjects

– Authority Extension subjects

– Authority-registered subjects

– Short courses

– Recognised studies

– Vocational education and training (VET) courses.

• Students typically undertake the equivalent of six


These subjects and programs will count towards the QCE:

– General subjects

– General extension subjects

– Applied subjects

– Short courses

– Recognised studies

– VET courses

• Students will typically undertake the equivalent of six subjects.

 Tertiary entrance requirements

Current requirements

New requirements starting with Year 12 students in 2020

• OP-eligible students receive a Tertiary Entrance Statement that shows their OP and Field Positions (FPs). The OP is a rank from 1 to 25, calculated by the QCAA.


• The calculation of OPs and FPs uses students’ achievements in 20 semester units of Authority subjects (the equivalent of five subjects), including at least three subjects studied for four semesters, each scaled against group QCS Test results.


• Authority-registered subjects do not contribute to a student’s OP.

• The QCAA will no longer issue Tertiary Entrance Statements.


• The Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) will replace the OP. An ATAR is a number between 0.00 and 99.95. ATARs increase in increments of 0.05.


• The Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) will calculate ATARs from students’ results using a process of inter-subject scaling.


• An ATAR will be calculated from an eligible student’s best five subject results, one of which may be an Applied subject or a competency based VET certificate at a level III or above.


• Students must satisfactorily complete a QCAA English subject (C or better) to be eligible for an ATAR. However, a student’s result in English will only contribute to their ATAR if it is one of their five best subject result

Student Connect Magazine and Student Learning Account Login Competition

Student Connect magazine highlights key aspects of Year 12 students’ final year of study, including the Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE), Queensland Core Skills (QCS) Test, Overall Positions (OPs) and Field Positions (FPs).

QCAA is encouraging students to log in to their learning accounts on the Student Connect website to check their details and become familiar with the login process before results are released at the end of the year. As an incentive, any Year 12 student who logs in to their learning account at least once between 1 May and 31 August 2018 will be entered into a draw to win an Apple MacBook Pro.



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