2018 Year 11 and Year 12 Stationery Requirements

pdfYear 11 and 12 Stationery Requirements 2018

Year 11 Leadership Week details
02 Nov 2018

Year 11 Leadership Week During Retreat/QCS preparation Year 11 students were informed about Leadership Week 27–30 November 2018. A brief outline was detailed regarding what is happening during the week and requirements regarding Semi-Formal. Prog ... 

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Exam Stress - Special Report
02 Nov 2018Exam Stress - Special Report

Students in their final year of school are considered a high-risk group for depression and anxiety. Sleep deprivation, diet and social media are some of the biggest issues faced by this group of teens. Therefore, it is vitally important that a studen ... 

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National Apex Australia Teenage Fashion and Arts (...
02 Nov 2018National Apex Australia Teenage Fashion and Arts (AATFA)

LCI Art & Design School was the location for the National Apex Australia Teenage Fashion and Arts (AATFA) Awards. Having won the Casual Wear, Environment & Society and Wearable Art categories at the State Finals, Kiralee Welsh automatically h ... 

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SchoolTV - Eating Disorders
21 May 2018SchoolTV - Eating Disorders

This month on SchoolTV - Eating Disorders Understanding an eating disorders can be difficult for families. There are many myths around what causes an eating disorder, but it is actually diagnosed as a mental illness. Although the focus is on food, w ... 

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