Care for Students

At St Patrick's College any concerns or reasonable suspicions about a student's safety and wellbeing or the behaviour of a staff member or volunteer which a student considers to be inappropriate, will continue to be managed in accordance with Rockhampton Catholic Education Student Protection Processes.

 At St Patrick’s we endeavour to provide this climate by:

  • The experience of quality teaching and learning
  • Encouraging positive relationships between staff and students and between students
  • Procedures and structures which are characterised by justice and compassion.
  • Campus Ministry

Student Protection Contacts at St Patrick's College Mackay are:

Mrs Janelle Agius - College Principal             Mr Sean Geoghegan - Deputy Principal

             Agius Janelle                                     Sean Geoghegan

                                                                                                                                                 Mrs Tracey McLeod - APWA              Mrs Danika Hurley - College Counsellor

             McLeod Tracey                                    Danika Hurley


For more information about Rockhampton Catholic Education's commitment to Student Protection is available at :